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Lee Schiel, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman

Lee Schiel is the founder and driving force behind MRI First. He is a Principal, who serves as the Company's Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors. 


Mr. Schiel has worked with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the California Institute of Technology (CalTech), and the computing powerhouse Silicon Graphics.


From initial efforts aimed at the imaging of Mars rocks and the detection of dinosaur embryos within fossilized eggs, Mr. Schiel has been working on Patient Green Imaging protocols from MRI units servicing several hospitals in the Southern California area. 









His work with the discovery of dinosaur embryos, along with his work with the NASA Mars Missions has garnered Mr. Schiel many accolades, and established him as a forward-thinking and preeminent leader in the evolution of MRI imaging.

Mr. Schiel used his imaging technology in 2002 to assist surgeons to successfully separate a pair of Guatemalan conjoined twins at UCLA. He has subsequently participated in additional conjoined twin separation surgeries throughout the United States.

Mr. Schiel has also worked at Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) in collaboration with Doctors Roger De Filippo and Paul Kokorowski (Department of Urology), and in cooperation with the Department of Radiology on a variety of pediatric MRI applications. 

His professional insights and expertise have led to many published medical articles making the case for ultra-fast MRI.  

He has been the major driving force in the formulation of original imaging protocols for neurological disorders and urologic intervention through the Institute of Maternal and Fetal Health program at CHLA.

Mr. Schiel and Dr. De Filippo both commented that "current imaging techniques are at the root of most diagnostic shortfalls.  Passive acceptance to 'legacy' standards has literally stifled our imagination and impeded the natural evolution of diagnostic imaging."


MRI First was created to fix this problem.

Company Officers, Principals, and Medical Advisors

MRI First has created a team of highly accomplished experts in the areas of medicine, healthcare and technology.

Our Medical Advisors have all worked closely with Mr. Schiel and have experienced first hand how his proprietary imaging have solved cases that no other person could do.


David Cole


A pioneer in electronic visit verification (EVV), David is also a certified chronic care professional (CCP) and administrator for residential care facilities for the elderly (RCFE).

David is one of the original founders of the former National Memory Impairment Institute and co-developed the organization's certified memory impairment specialist (CMIS) and instructor credentialing programs for dementia caregivers and instructors, which was subsequently adopted by California and approved by Florida to meet those states' dementia training requirements. 


David is also a partner in Ankota, LLC, a managed care SaaS solution for the post-discharge hospital market.

David has served as Vice President of Technology for AccentCare and directed business development for three major healthcare software vendors.  He was former Medicare administrator for Interim Healthcare in Atlanta, GA, and founded a non-medical home care agency in Sacramento, CA.

David received a design award for an outcomes system by the National Managed Care Congress in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, and has developed a system for managing patients post-discharge that reduced re-admissions by more than 80%.

David received physics and computer science training at the University of Georgia and Georgia Institute of Technology, and was awarded Outstanding Georgia Citizen for his work there in the state.


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